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Grandma rules, part N

She called me to say that she was watching Russian TV, and they were saying that on the internet they have all sorts of harmful sex programs that get people addicted ("I don't know what they are, but they are bad for you. Afterwards they don't know how to deal with real women. Don't watch this, those things are for weak people. I understand, it's hard without a partner around, but don't do it. You just have to finish up grad school and set up your personal life.")
-- "It's pornography, grandma. People used to watch in in magazines and TV; now it's on the internet."
-- "Pornography?.. Oh yes, that's what it's called. No, I think it's different. It used to be pictures and whatnot..."

I never thought that grad school would ruin my life through pornography. It's an interesting angle though.

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